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Vedek Yevir Linjarin
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Date:2004-11-21 04:58
Subject:Of Rumors and the Truth
Mood: worried

I have just returned from a very unsettling meeting with other vedeks concerning recent evidence surrounding the Khon'Ma assassin who tried to kill the Supreme Legate of Cardassia, the terrorists who were poisoned on Deep Space 9 and the emissary's wife.

While I'm pleased to see our people actually putting aside our difference and trying to work with the Cardassians I know not everyone agrees with the situation at hand. Which only worsens matters concerning the implications that the emissary's wife permitted a member of the Khon'Ma to escape justice. Not to mention the fact rumors are coming to light concerning her assisting the Cardassian government in collecting information on the TrueWay/Khon'Ma temporary alliance.

The effect this is having on the populace isn't a good one, as now people are questioning the fragile unity between Bajor and Cardassia. Seeing this to be a sign from the prophets that we should have nothing to do with them. While some believe that she gave information to the Cardassian's to distract them from her "real" intentions others are questioning her role as the emissary's wife and spiritual guide to Bajor.

Personally I have a feeling there is more to this then what we are seeing. I just pray the prophets will give me the insight and guidance I need to learn the truth before its too late.

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Date:2004-10-17 03:54
Subject:Time off...
Mood: tired

A Major Work

Poems are hard to read
Pictures are hard to see
Music is hard to hear
And people are hard to love

But whether from brute need
Or divine energy
At last mind eye ear
And the great sloth heart will move.

--William Meredith, Earth, 1958 (old calendar)

I've been here on the station for the last two weeks; it's very different from the monastery or even the Assembly halls in the capital city. Here, everything is geared towards business or meetings or negotiation of some kind. Even meals are rushed. I remember living this way as a soldier in the Militia; it's easy to fall back into it and worry so much about whether the negotiations I'm involved in are going to succeed that I forget to take some time just to be quiet. Ironic, you could say, since Deep Space Nine is the closest most Bajorans ever get to the physical location of the Celestial Temple.

So today I had lunch by myself in my guest quarters, and read a book of assorted Federation poems. Actually, they're poems from Federation worlds, but all of them date from before first alien contact on each of the planets. The differences and similarities are very interesting. This one was from Earth. It reminded me of some of Akorem's earlier work. To put it in simple terms: It is worth it. All of this struggle for peace, is worth it.

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Date:2004-09-28 23:27
Subject:New and old

The humans have a saying: There is nothing new under the sun. I've been pondering this lately, since it seems that no matter where I go or whom I see, there are constants--sad constants--everywhere.

People hate. People cheat, lie, steal. People are hurt and they hurt others. From their pain they choose not healing but vengeance, and the cycle starts again. It is happening now, on Bajor and Cardassia after this war with the Dominion, just as it happened when our planet was occupied, and just as it has happened over and over again from time immemorial.

Is it fated that we never change?

I think not. You see, I know what it is to hurt and to hate--but I have also found peace. I was a lonely man, a man trying to put his life back together in a time that was ostensibly of peace but was in reality fraught with as much instability and worry as ever. How were we to go on? I joined the militia. I wanted to protect my people against these new threats--and what else was I to do? My family were all dead, my home and friends destroyed. But I was empty and bitter, and found no peace in my work.

Until I was touched by the Prophets. By the hand of the Emissary. Our captain on Deep Space Nine--the alien that They had chosen to speak to us. On the day he found B'hala, he returned to the Station and touched me. He said, "You don't belong here. Go home." And I knew what I was to do.

I returned to Bajor and began to study the word of the Prophets. I found peace and love like I had never known; and I knew that I was to share this with anyone and everyone I met, no matter who and no matter when or where.

I have looked into the eyes of eternity, and I have seen hope.

Walk with the Prophets, my friends.

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